city$12&fed$9&urban$9,an hour
city12fed9urban9hour city$12&fed$9&urban$9,an hour do not raise federal minimum wage past $9 per hour&city minimum wage past $12 per hour&urban minimum wage past $9 per hour&then it will raise income tax for 5 figure pay, only way to raise minimum wage is raise taxes for six figure pay&raise fees for six figure currency money exchange&cut solar electric power projects to upgrade reservoirs and water&gas pipelines&cancel&exclude farm land tax act like williamson act land for nuts&wine grapes farmers reason not real food&reinforce Homestead Act of 1862&Subsidize land surveyors&Loan farmers to split there land into 5 acre parcels&to sell there 5 acre land parcels&pay no capitial gains taxes to have 5 acre land parcel homestead farms to Subsidize&Loans&cut politicians&congress,pay 50% less,to Subsidize&Loan Small Business&cut pay 50% less, for tv news reporters&journalists,reason we dont need news,we need to cut price cost 50% for healthcare&cell phones&internet at penny per minute&cut teachers,pay 50% less,that have low score grades,to have less drop outs&hire more online teachers&cut pay 50% less for highway patrol&jail&prison guards&transfer hire 50% more city police to release jail inmates convicted of Infractions,prostitution,assault,intoxication,trespass,vandalism,petty theft,Misdemeanors&Prison inmates convicted of larceny,grand thefts,tax evasions,fraud felons to get jobs to upgrade amtrak&highways to save tax payers dollars&if taxes are raised on 7 figure pay persons then there companies will relocate to: Asia&Australia&Europe&Africa&Madagascar&Kamchatka&New Zealand&Chile&peru&brazil&argentina, then it will raise tax for 5 figure pay 50%&that breaks payroll budgets for Small Business&without Small Business there will be no federal&county&state jobs,then sub contractors will hire foreign labor&only way to raise minimum wage is raise taxes for six figure pay&raise fees for six figure currency money exchange. Mike Ross@ 646-222-8107 thanks&god bless &buzzwords eighteen wheeler freighter big rig trucks semi schools cdlc grants exam passenger respiration respiratory tanks tanker hazmat drive test endorsements tickets vendors tokens coupons vouchers submersible turbine windmills wells lift pumps aluminum steel steps ramps beach lakes ballistics glass greenhouses lofts offices warehouses barns industrial lights lamps lantern sails mini remotes helicopters gas drones intex kitchener cookwares stainless utensils cooking oil popless tire run flat tires mattracks rubber tracks fish hunt fishing hunting roughneck husqvarna thermos lifted winch ford chevrolet inverters chevy batteries power toilets showers stanley savoureux uniden cobra backhoes hyster rubbermaid philips coleman panasonic drip irrigation caterpillar motors cummings engines kenworth volvo new holland kubota peterbuilt hummer classics mercury boats windsurfing wakeboarding kiteboarding wind surfing kites yachts gmc toyota transmissions motorcycles computer laptops sun tablets hats harley davidson suzuki dodge volkswagen vans acura honda convertibles canvas umbrellas tops body cars kits dtv antenna ipad tv candle cages dog cat bull bird animal helmets amd club car e-z-go epi franklin yamaha carts hydraulics wheelchairs climbing education rope ladders pole chain saws paper shredders money safes optometry optometrists telescopes optics lens scopes lenses painting acrobat gymnast surf wake skate boards spray aerosol pot lighters pipes paintball mercedes indian floating spiral solar panel ocean towers roof gardens roofing music books estate vacations rentals organic pills capsules foods roll bars harvest equipment jlg genie terex aerial gehl john deere jcb hyundai massey ferguson mitsubishi manufacturing lifting crane furniture arts parts utility recycle atvs suvs farm baby toys intercom webcams medical alarms brewery generators cb radio hearing aids pool tables tennis ping pong swivel hinges fans school flags soccer caps comic cards jet skis camcorders goggles dental dentist repair gear flowers tools supplies antiques jewelry eye wear remington ironton snow hand dryers jeep excavators airplanes nissan chatsim boommobile tracfone net10 straighttalk ultramobile consumercellular verizon sprint tmobile at&t go cellular micro phones cell battery hybrids pickups cabinets manuel scooters tankless water heaters dish washing laundry systems electric kitchen ware dry cook appliances heated tuxedos bowtie watch cameras horse cargo saddles bath bidets wash pets grooming salon hair heat gloves boots shoes wifi tethering hotspot statues vacuum blower mulcher lawn diesel isuzu truck trenching drilling digital infrared leak metals detectors pulse sphygmomanometer breathing vital lancets lancet device blood meter monitor audio vision mirrors video casino coins sports jerseys olympics games mp3 dtv cds dvds hvac drying knitting war drobe costumes luandre sewing air mattress tanning beds suit swimming exercise copy machines vending can am spyder trikes propane fire sprinklers barbecues wood charcoal bbq wagons grills handicapped disabled coats shoes racks blind curtains dolly canopy shutter chandeliers gutters cleaning septic cleanup jobs labor contractor man lifts trailers security guards bus signs billboards limos uber lyft instaRyde groundLink hailo ztrip limousines coach

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Name   Mike Ross  
Company:   Mike Ross  
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Telephone:   (646)222-8107  

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