Airport firetruck RIV
Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG RAPID INTERVENTION VEHICLE. year of manufacture : 1990 Equipped with MiniMax SLF 1200/500 installation - 1x Roof turret which can be operated from drivers cabin,capacity 1200 l/min foam , reach +/- 30m. capacity 10 kg/min dry powder, reach +/- 18m. - quick attack installations: 1x water/foam hose reel capacity 200 l/min foam, reach +/- 20m. 1x powder hose reel capacity 5 kg/min dry powder, reach +/- 8m. Manufacturer: Albert Ziegler GmbH Truck Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz Engine : Mercedes-Benz OM 366A Gearbox: 8 speed fwd - 4 rvs Extinguisher installation Manufacturer: MiniMax 500 kg dry powder reservoir 1200 l. water reservoir 40 l. foam concentrate reservoir All service documents/ installation tests are available vehicles are in very good condition.

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Company:   A.M. Hommeles BV  
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Telephone:   0031486461312  
Fax:   0031486463585  

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