Air Start Unit, 154 ppm, Teledyne Model A/MA32-85
If you are looking for the elusive A/MA32-60A that was last manufactured in 1978 and ready to pay big monies? We have the modern solution from 1995 for a fraction of the cost. This unit is powered by turbine engine, model Teledyne RGT-3600E provides continuous 155 ppm of air flow @ 43 psi. This unit, also provide AC electrical power, 48 kva, 115/200 volt, 3 phases, 400 Hz, 140 amp. Units available in operational tested condition or in, As is Where is, condition. 499/125 More GSE available from our website

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Name   Indy  
Company:   GSERUS  
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Telephone:   9057951520  
Fax:   9057951520  

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