Cat 345BIIL Used Heavy Equipment for Sale
Mico Equipment used Caterpillar Equipment for sale, model year, used hours, machine condition and prices details available. AIR CONDITIONER AUTO LUBE CARBODY, STANDARD GUARDING COUNTERWEIGHT IS REMOVED FOR TRANSPORT HAS REMOVAL SYSTEM Bucket 66” w/o side cutters, 72” with them, bucket does have side cutters mounted on it. Located 2.5 hrs from Baltimore Port. U/C :Track Frame - Left Fair ,Track Frame –Right Fair Pins and bushings not turned will need turning soon . Track Pads are Good Stick and Boom in Fair Condition . Stick Cylinder:Poor – Disconnected Barrel will need Replaced ( Repair Estimate :Parts including rod 8,150.00 no core) Swing Motor is leaking Hydrualic ENGINE Blow By: No Knocking: No Compression in Radiator :No Water in Oil: No Fluid Levels OK? Yes Oil Pressure: OK Smoke (B/D/L/W) LIGHT BLACK Operating Condition: Fair Air Cleaners: Fair Governor: Fair Turbocharger /Blower: Fair Fuel Injection System: Fair Engine Supports: Fair.

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Name   admico  
Company:   Mico Equipment  
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Telephone:   1-281-531-1515  

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