USED UNITS: Beltloader Wasp ModelA1771D: Max height 87 /Refurbished Beltloader Wollard ModelNBC-887: Operating height 38 to 105 /Refurbished Deicer Unit, 1987 FMCModelTM1800D: 1800 gal any type /Refurbished Deicer Unit, 1997 SDIModel2045: 2000 gal Type 1 & 400 gal Type IV /Operational GPU HobartModel60G20PS: 60 kva /Refurbished GPU FMCModelJet Power II: 90 kva /Refurbished GPU TrilectronModel90T400: 90 kva /Operational GPU HobartModel90G20P: 90kva /Operational GPU HobartModel140C17P: 140 kva /Operational GPU Convertor Controlled IndustriesModel: 50 kw /Refurbished GPU, Rectifier TrilectronModel : 12 kva /Refurbished Heater PolarthermModelNGH-1: 400 K btu /Operational Maintenance Lift FabtecModelHM-30: Operating height 79 to 30' /Refurbished Tug, Baggage ClarkModelCT-40G: 4,000 lbs. DBP /Refurbished Tug, Baggage UnitedModelGC340-4A9: 4,000 lbs. DBP /Overhauled Tug, Aircraft NMCModelJG-40PT16G: 6,000 lbs. DBP /Refurbished Tug, Aircraft ColmanModelMB-4: 12,000 lbs. DBP /Operational Tug, Aircraft UnitedModelTA-75: 12,000 lbs. DBP /Refurbished Tug, Aircraft IHModelT-225: 22,500 lbs. DBP /Refurbished NEW UNITS: Fuel Cart Jetall GSEModelJTLS FC: 250 to 1000 gal /New GPU Jetall GPUModelJTL28D2: 28.5 V DC /New GPU Jetall GPUModelJTL28R: 28.5 V DC /New GPU Jetall GPUModelJTL28TR: 28.5 V DC /New GPU Jetall GPUModelJTLs: 60, 90, 100, 120, 140 7 180 kva /New Jacks; Aircraft Jetall GSEModelJTLs Jacks: 10 to 80 Tons /New

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Name   Feri N.  
Company:   North East Aviation  
Link to Website:  
Telephone:   (905)795-1998  
Fax:   (855)831-9045  

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