Course content (Duration 2 months) INTRODUCTION TO TECHNICALANALYSIS. TYPES OF CHARTS (Line Chart, Bar Chart and Japanese Candlesticks). TREND & TREND LINE ANALYSIS. SUPPORT,RESISTANCE, STOP LOSS AND TARGET. GAPS (Upward gap, downward gap, Common gap, Break away gap, Measuring gap, Exhaustion gap and Island reversal gap). MOVING AVERAGES (Simple moving average, Exponential moving average, weighted moving average and Crossover of moving averages). PIVOT POINTS. CORRECTIONS / RETRACEMENTS / REVERSALS. OSCILLATORS (Moving average conversion diversion, Relative strength index, Rate of change in price, Stochastic oscillator, On balance volume, Money flow index, Parabolic SAR, Average directional movement index, Darryl Guppy and Bollinger band). PATTERN FORMATIONS (Reversal pattern, Continuation pattern, Rounding bottom, Cup and handle pattern, Double top and double bottom, Triple top and triple bottom, Rectangle Pattern reversal, Rectangle pattern-continuation, Ascending triangle pattern, Descending triangle pattern, Symmetrical triangle pattern, Wedge formation, Head and shoulders, Broadening Pattern, Flag pattern, Pennant pattern and Diamond pattern) CANDLESTICK THEORY (Hammer theory, Hanging man theory, Inverted hammer, Shooting star, Bullish Engulfing, Bearish Engulfing, Bullish Harami, Bearish harami, Bullish harami cross, Bearish harami cross, Piercing Line, Dark cloud cover, Bullish Doji, Bearish Doji, Morning Star, Evening star, Morning Doji star, Evening Doji star, Abandoned baby bottom, Abandoned baby top, Tri star bullish, Tri star bearish, Belt hold bullish, Belt hold bearish, Upside gaps 2 crows, 2 crows and 3 Black crows) PRACTICALS (Practice includes live stock research) with Profitable Strategies. Duration: 2 months Time: Weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday 4 hrs

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