SUPERIOR 2045 DEICER for sale ---- Fluids Type 1 & 4
SUPERIOR 2045 Deicer for sale.....year manufactured 1993....Fluids Type 1 & 4......needs $700 heater sensor module(as it now works although intermitant) easily available......Location is: Chicago IL...... Price: $6,000 (current new price for this Deicer is : $375,000 from SDI in Nova Scotia) V8 Gas motor running the vehicle and John Deere Diesel running the rear and PTO/Boom ect. Call: Marcus Freeman 541.613.0021

Price (USD) $: 6000.00

For more info, contact:
Name   Marcus Freeman  
Company:   Vitality Sales LLC  
Link to Website:    
Telephone:   (541)613-0021  

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