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TABLET PC FULLDAY COURSE CONTENT NOTE :- who already have knowledge of electronics and basic laptop hardware knowledge he direct join this tablet pc course. We provide Tablet PC Repairing Course, chip level Tablet PC Repairing course, Tablet PC repairing Institute in India, Tablet PC Repairing Service Center also. Now Intersoft offering a tablet repair training with the basic to chip level repairing .and also with the practical knowledge. Tablet Pc Repairing Course 1) INTRODUCTION OF TABLET PC Difference between computer, laptop, tablet pc, I pad Basic operating of tablet pc 2) TYPES OF OPERATING SYSTEMS. IN TABLET PC Android, windows operating system in tablet Basic used detail of android, windows 3) TEARDOWN/ DISMENTAL TABLET PC Assembly & disassembly of tablet pc 4) IDENTIFICATION PARTS OF TABLET PC Adapter/charger Battery Ram & Rom Keyboard of tablet pc Display windows Touch screen/ touchpad Display modules LCD / TFT/ led Display Primary Camera /secondary camera Motherboard main PCB Processor Antenna Carrier Loudspeaker Led PCB Hard disk/ memory card flash chip Bios / cmos setting Testing of parts 5) FORMATTING INSTALLING OPERATING SYSTEM IN TABLET PC Installation of operating systems in tablet pc Windows/ Android operating system Upgrading operating system Downgrading operating system Changing operating systems Installing multi operating systems 6) DRIVERS AND APPLICATION INSTALLATION Driver installation Application installation on tablet pc Troubleshooting of Operating systems. Troubleshooting of Application software. Troubleshooting of Tablet PC and Laptop MODULE 2 CHIP LEVEL RAPAIR OF TABLET PC 7) BASIC ELECTRONICS AC, Dc, Current, Voltage, Ampere, Types of circuit, material Measurement unit Use of Multi-Meter, digital analog ulti-meter. How to check AC, DC, and OHMs resistance Different SMD components Resistor, Diodes, Capacitors. Inductors, Transformers, Transistors MOSFET. 8) COMPONENT CHECKING & IDENTIFY Identify damaged and ok component Removing and Inserting component practice 9) TABLET PC REPAIRING CONCEPT Adapter Repairing concept Battery Repairing boosting concept Inverter Section and CCFL Testing. Hard disk./ internal Hard disk RAM and ROM. Touchpad. 10) BLOCK DIAGRAM OF TABLET PC Understanding motherboard block diagram of Tablet PC Top view of motherboard Bottom view of motherboard Identify each chip and understand different section Working detail of tablet pc motherboard 11) DIFFERENT SECTION OF TABLET PC Power section of tablet pc Initial failure Charging section SIM section Microphone section Speaker section Bluetooth wifi section LCD section & troubleshooting of tablet pc Touch screen section & troubleshooting in tablet pc Light sensor Camera not work front/ back GSM 850/ 900 / 1800 /WCDMA section 12) UNDERSTANDING SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM OF TABLET PC Understanding Circuit diagram of power section Voltage measurement in Tablet pc Troubleshooting power on failure in Tablet Use of Debug card post error code. Common problem of different motherboards 13) PROBLEM AND SOLUTION STEPS OF TABLET Power on does not work Tablet initial failure Abnormal charging Insert SIM cart (after inserting SIM) Microphone not work Speaker not work Bluetooth wifi not working LCD is not work after PWR ON Touch screen does not work Camera does not work Network Not work (GSM, 850,900,1800, WCDMA) Using Oscilloscope (CRO). 14) REPAIRING AND BGA REWORK Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine (SMD Machine). ICs re-bolling by BGA machine. Concept BIOS update & password reset 3 Email : Website : Contact : +91 9824144698 , 9824044699 Contact : +91 -261-2424396

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