---Air Start, 1995 Teledyne, Model A/M32A-85---
Turbine powered, Pneumatic output: 150 ppm air supply. Max 170 ppm with 156 ppm/47psi load control setting. Electrical output: 48 KVA, 120 VAC, 400 Hz. Engine: RGT 3600E, gas turbine. Fuels used: Diesel, Jet A and JP-8. 4 wheel trailer mount. Dimensions: L=134, W=68, H=77 Unit is complete and Sold in As Is Where Is condition. Manuals available.

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Name   Roxana Montesino  
Company:   GSE @ JETALL  
Link to Website:  
Telephone:   (305)688-2111  
Fax:   (888)473-0853  

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