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Make your business simple with an easy bakery billing software. Most of the customers come to have some quick snacks, so we need to take order and billing should happen in seconds. Just Billing POS Software and Billing App will make your work very quickly from taking orders to billing. As many bakers will have a presence in multiple locations and to manage all will be the big task for the owner. But with just billing software and app all these can do anywhere anytime. Inventory management is also one of the major time taking tasks, just billing track all your inventory up to date and provides you real time inventory report, so will be never out of stock. EASY GST BILLING Create a GST invoice accurately in a fraction of a second using touch, barcode or voice command. Increase efficiency with Hold, Recall features. DIGITAL BILLS SMS, Email, WhatsApp or Print Invoice, Order and Estimates based on pre-configured professional looking templates. DIGITAL PAYMENTS Let it be customerís choice to pay by cash, card, coupon, multiple digital wallets or a combination of these. GST RETURN FILING Donít worry about complicated GST rules. Just Billing GST Software makes GST Filing and GST Compliances with a single click. OFFERS & DISCOUNTS Know your customersí preferences to offer them special deals, coupons or gift vouchers to increase sales and customer footfall. INVENTORY UP-TO-DATE Know your stock on hand at any time. Reduce the bad debts like wastage, overstocking, pilferage or misuse. OPTIMIZE EXPENSE Maintaining records of all business expenses with few touch would help you to evaluate where to spend and where not to. REPORTS & GROWTH Get the accurate report on your daily sales, customers, products, expenses and much more to know your growth curve is on a fingertip. Visit: Download Just Billing mobile app - Windows point of sale - Contact us- Email Ė call - +91 4040404030 website:

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