vashikaran by dhan laxmi powder
How To Use Dhan Laxmi Powder Money , debit , business , carrier , marriage , education , pitradosha, manglik dosha , destroy enemy , reduce illness, 1- if you are facing the financial crises , then you can use dhan laxmi powder on Wednesday morning spread some of it in your vollet or in locker. 2- if you are facing loan problem , money problem , business crises then you can put some pinch of dhan laxmi powder in your vollet , in almira , you will see within 2 days money will start coming and your problems will get solved. 3- if there is some obstacles in your marriage , then you have to do one thing , after taking bath on Thursday morning take some pinch of powder in your water and then bath . you will see all the obstacles get removed. 4- if you are jobless and want a good job with handsome salary then take bath with some pinch of powder and then go for interview you will be selected. 5- if students lacks concentration in studies , then drop some pinch of dhan laxmi powder on your books you will find your concentration level increases. 6- if you are facing enemy problems, if your enemy destroyed you and you want revenge then take some drops of rose water and dhan laxmi powder in your bath, do regularly . 7- family dispute , pitradosh can get removed or solved by dhan alxmi powder sprinkle some dhan laxmi powder in all rooms of your house. 8-if you are suffering from magal dosh or kalsarp dosh then sprinkle some powder in your bath water and then take bath.

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