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In pretoria / Sandton Get love back_black magic Lost spell caster+27630716312 magicmamaalphah My love spells are cast in 48 rituals and four stages. The first stage cleanses your aura and removes all spiritual obstacles. The second stage invokes spirits and your wishes are demanded by me 48 times. The third stage seals the deal by offering sacrifices and other ingredients to the spirits as a gift and a reward for their help in your case. The fourth stage provides you with a spiritual shield against any future spiritual obstacles in your path of destiny. This love spell takes 48 rituals to complete and is recommended for any love situation in your life such as reunion, marriage, unconditional love and the termination of all your relationship problems. Call: +27630716312 magicmamaalpah Web: Email me:

Price (USD) $: 100

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