80% off on ashwagandha extract capsules.
Ashwagandha is an herbal product which is used as a ayurvedic medicines for all health problems. Now our company offers 80% discount on ashwagandha but this discount is available only at our company name not any other retail shops. For more info or query call to ms riya at 8510900641. Functions of Ashwagandha:- 1) - Promote feeling of well being in the medium terms. 2) - Reduces the negative effects of stress and anxiety. 3) - helps combat the effects of stress. 4) - Protects the immune system. 5) - Support energetic and rejuvenating sense of well being. 6) - improves learning and memory. 7)-Stimulates the libido. 8)-Renews sperm, removes sperm of low quality. 9) - Regulates sexual functions (traditional usage). 10)-protects the heart and high blood pressure. 11)-Protects the liver and improve digestive system. 12) -Helps in infertility. 13) - Chronic fatigue, reduces feelings of tiredness. Ashwagandha Side Effects:- Taking high dose of Ashwagandha in case of hyperthyroidism or pregnancy may be harmful. Take small dose in starting and increase slowly day by day. Dosage:- Take 2-3 Capsules of Ashwagandha everyday (250mg or 500 mg*3) of powered extract preferably in the evening with milk. Type:- Ashwagandha extract capsules: 10 strip in per box and 10 capsules in per strip. Mob. No- 8510900641 Gmail- Website -

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Name   Alia Miths  
Company:   waftureworldwide  
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Telephone:   08510900642  

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