Get Baseball Trading Pins at Steelberry
Product Description: Your Econo Enamel pins will be hand crafted with extreme detail. Once your design has been completed we create a die or mold of your design. This is then stamped into metal so that you have raised and recessed pin cavities. The cavities are then filled by hand with liquid color enamel. Once the pin cavities are filled we harden it through a heating process. For more information about, please visit: Contact Address: 50 Hickory Lane So. Burlington, VT 05403 USA. Phone Number: 866-727-9811 Fax: 802-264-9899

Price (USD) $: 0.00

For more info, contact:
Name   Jeff Cooper  
Company:   SteelBerry Inc  
Link to Website:  
Telephone:   (866)727-9811  

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