motherboard chip level repairing training
LAPTOP CHIP LEVEL TRAINING FULL DAY MODULE WISE COURSE CONTENT   MODULE :-1  BASIC  LAPTOP SERVICE TRAINING (FOR FRESHER)   BASIC KNOWLEDGE OF LAPTOP PARTS AND ASSEMBLE D ASSEMBLE & ELECTRONICS IN DEPTH 2 days prior to module 2   Note :-  (IF CANDIDATE HAS A KNOWLEDGE OF BASIC LAPTOP AND ELECTRONICS HE CAN DIRECTLY GO TO MODULE – 2)   §  Computer Hardware & parts detail §  Difference between Laptop and Desktop §  ASSEMBLE D-ASSEMBLE   Demo with Parts Identification, §  ADAPTER:=   Work , Types , Working Concept , Volt, Ampere ,  PIN,Checking §  BATTERY: =  Types, Pin out Detail, Basic Problem, §  TFT/LCD:  =  Type of  LCD, TFT/LCD, size, pin, wide, CCFL §  INVERTER: = Usage of Concept of Inverter, §  Motherboard: = Types, Block Diagram, Identify §  CPU := Types, Block Diagram, Identify §  KEYBOARD = Types, Working Concept  §  HARD DISK = Types, Diagrams, Basic Problems §  RAM = Types, Working Concept, Basic Problems §  CD/DVD = Types, common foult §  CHANGING & REPLACING ABOVE COMPONENTS §  ASSEMBLE / De-ASSEMBLE DIFFERENT MODELS §  FORMAT & INSTALLATION OF LAPTOP BASIC ELECTRONICS  ANALOG ELECTRONICS = AC / DC  Fundamentals. Types of Circuit, Types of Material, Current, voltage, watt, ampere, Resistor, capacitor, diode transistor, MOSFET, Fuse, Induction, Testing Procedure and used of components, Soldering and removing of different components, Instrument used for Repairing DIGITAL ELECTRONICS =  Types of Number system, binary , octal, HExa, Conversion of Number Systems Types of Gate, AND  OR   NOT  NOR etc, REMOVING & FIXING OF COMPONETS & CHIPS WITH MICRO IRON AND BGA MACHINE   Intersoft Technical Institute Office Address : surat, Gujarat. india Contact :  + 91 9824144698 Web : Email :

Price (USD) $: 1000

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Telephone:   (982)414-4698  

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