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Description about our sites: 1) is one of the online recruitment website of Prabhanjam India Handicrafts Pvt Ltd., which holds certain jobseekers and employers profiles. Through this, we will assist jobseekers in their overseas job search and moreover provide them some guidelines to make themselves competent in this competitive world among other candidates. In case of employers, we will offer assistance in short listing the right candidate for the right job. Most importantly, we offer above services in a highly secured manner, easy to use and for free of cost. 2) is another online exclusive matrimonial website of Prabhanjam India Handicrafts Pvt Ltd. that contains certain database of grooms and brides profiles. This site offers you to find your soulmates in the quickest and simplest way as possible. We will help them get hold of that special person with whom they are going to annoy for the rest of their life. We act as a bond between them that makes them realize their perfect match who complements each other. This service is also dedicated freely, and has more privacy. 3) is a comprehensive online business administration of Prabhanjam India Handicrafts Pvt Ltd. to cater to the real estate market. We serve people by providing property related dealings to the sale/purchase of properties, etc. We play a role as a platform that designed to connect agents, builders, brokers, dealers and interested buyers /sellers. We will guide the users with our user-friendly approach. Within minutes, you can browse our database that allows the users to trace property by region, area, price, amenities and ease of use. We also facilitate the users to get more knowledge that leads to successful real estate decisions. 4) is also a part of Prabhanjam India Handicrafts Pvt Ltd. leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Indian Handicrafts, Indian Wooden Handicraft, Indian Handicraft Items, Wooden Handicrafts, Wooden Animals statue, Wooden Chess Sets, Wooden sculptures, Wooden statues, Wooden Utilities, Jaipur Handicrafts Exporter, Mud statues and so on. We carry business that guide people how to step into the world of Crafts. This is an online store for all the craft items for those people with sophisticated tastes and the desire to gather craftwork. So for craft lovers who want to possess some of the products of heart and hand, this will be preferred. It will be a surplus to learn the little secrets of how to do them all by themselves.

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